Thursday, December 10, 2009

Granna Saves the day :)

Eden 's school was having the Polar Express the other day and Eden had told all of us that she wasnt riding that train! Cassie ask me to go and take some pictures since she had a test that morning and Dusty had to work. When I walked in to the school all the teachers told me that Eden had proudly told them all "She was NOT riding that train. I am standing to the entrance to the Polar express so I can get her picture when she gives her ticket and she is very worried and the first words to me were "Im not riding that train !" I said OK Eden we will just watch all your friends have fun then. You dont have to ride the train . She kinda looked up at me surprised. I think she really wanted us to beg her to ride it, so I just started snapping pictures of the other kids on the train. Eden keeps inching toward the train and Im like, Eden, you dont want to ride the train so come sit with me and we will make pictures of all your friends. Well, at that moment she surprised me and her teachers and got in the train, looking real worried though. The conductor blows his horn and says ALL ABOARD for the Polar Express !! She screams, Granna, Get IN ! Im looking at those Very tiny train seats and wondering if I can fit Granna in there, but I squeezed in before the train took off, with legs all cramped up trying to fit in the train made for pre-schoolers. So, in the end Eden Made Granna ride the train !! LOL What ever works ! :) Hope you enjoy the slideshow !

I also added a slideshow from Madison, Zoe and Meisi's dance studios Christmas Formal since alot of you that reads the blog doesnt do face book. Dont pay attention to the Party Slideshow where it says Staring Zoe and Meisi. I can not figure out how to change that. It was left over from another slideshow I made a year or two ago and want edit off.

I am sorry for being such a bad blogger these days. I do have alot to say, as most of you know ! I am going to try and get better and blog at least each week or month. Nice hearing from everyone !

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Random Day~~

Madison liked Patches :)
Meisi really liked this gentle horse named Dixie !

Zoe in Horse paradise !!

I put the horse story on Facebook , but FB only lets you write so much and then you have to finish in in seperate comments. I had everyone so confused along with myself, so I am putting the whole little crazy story here on my blog so everyone that wants to hear it can read it in on place.

The girls were all outside playing and riding scooters and skateboards yesterday on the driveway. My kitchen window looks out to the driveway and I looked out to check on Zoe and Meisi when I noticed Madison was taking a picture of something on the ground with her phone. All of a sudden I saw something junp at her all coiled up. It was a SNAKE.So, I ran outside and told her to quit making pictures and get away from it! Im trying to figure out what to do with this aggressive snake since it is right on my driveway and all could just imagine in somehow getting in my car or house! eeeks. All of a sudden two men ride up on horseback(I have never seen horses on my road in the 3 years we have lived here) They get off the horses and take care of the aggressive snake(by the way it was a chicken snake, not dangerous, but still aggressive) I hate snakes no matter what kind they are(sorry snake lovers)

Thank gosh the snake is gone, then I notice Zoe is in heaven looking at the two horses. This girl loves horses and has loved them from the time she was 11mths old when we brought her home from China. Its in her blood. I mean really, really loves them. She has a huge barn in her room with over 50 horses in it. She has 3 pair of cowboy boots that fit her at the moment and I dont know how many cowgirl dresses skirts and gear. The man ask her if she wants to ride and I think he is quite tickled at the way she walked up to his horse and acted like it was her best friend in the world. She doesnt hesitate to tell him Yes and he lets the girls ride as long as they like. Even though Zoe was disappointed that she didnt have her cowgirl boots and gear on she was so thrilled and said this was the best day of her life. I did however go grab my camera and take a few shots. So the men on horses saved the day! Prince Charmings in every sense of the word! The best part was when they told Zoe they would come back and let her ride again and even bring the horse carriage next time.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of School 2009!!!!

Madison, on her way to Middle School 7th grade!!

Zoe saying the pledge in her new 1st grade room!

Zoe and Meisi walking in the first day!

Zoe, waiting to go to her new room and meet her teacher, Mrs. Brunson !

Meisi, waiting to go into her new K5 room and meet her teacher, Mrs. Pearce !

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Winding down the summer!

I cant beleive the summer has went so quickly! Sorry for ignoring this blog latley, but I hope to have more post and pictures of the girls when school starts back. I am way behind in posting pictures. I think I have about 900 pics of summer events. Zoe will start 1st grade in 6 days and Meisi will start K5. Where has the time gone??! I am working on a special video slideshow of Zoe's Gotcha day and time in China. I hope to have it ready by her 6 year Gotcha day comming up in just a couple of weeks! I cant believe 6 years ago today we were waiting for August 13 to come so we could board our United Flight to be united with our 11 month old baby girl. Time goes by way to fast these days!! Here are some pictures of our friend visit with some travel buddies on that exact trip in 2003. Cathy Epperson just got home from Vietnam in Feb. with a beautiful baby named Catie! Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Luau party !

We had a little Luau party for Zoe and Meisi's dance team! They all had alot of fun as well as the parents! There is so much more to do in the summer time for kids. Summer is going by fast and school will start back before we know it. One in 7th grade, one in 1st grade and one in Kindergarden !